Grade 1 Immature Teratoma

21 y.o woman with immature teratoma grade 1 - large pelvic mass and omental mets completely resected. Treated with 4 cycles BEP with rapid recurrence and secondary debulking. now 2 weeks s/p surgery.

Mike Birrer

Response # 1:  
What was the location of recurrence? What and where is the residual disease after secondary debulking?
Kailash Narayan
Response # 2:  
Dear Mike,

I think we would give her adjuvant TIP.

Ruud Bekkers
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Response # 3:  
What is the pathological report of the second surgery? Again Grade 1 immature teratoma or growing teratoma?

Isabelle Ray-Coquard, MD, PhD

Response # 4:  
Dear Mike,

In this situation, for further chemo, we have given gemcitabine/TIP (taxol/ifosf./cisplatin)

All best wishes,

Professor Stan Kaye

Response # 5:  
To consider VIP with or without double dose of platinum.
Kind regards,
Jan Vermorken
Jan Vermorken, MD, PhD