Laparoscopic BSO in Turner Syndrome Patient

Dear friends,

We just performed a laparoscopic BSO in a 27 year old patient with a Turner-Syndrom. Histological diagnosis was Gonadoblastoma and dysgerminona (both FIGO IA) of the left ovary. Any suggestions regarding further treatment?

Thanks in advance,
Philipp Harter

Response # 1:  
If they are both real figo Ia after complete surgical exploration no future treatment after bilateral salpingectomy

Kind regards,
Isabelle Ray-Coquard, MD PhD

Response # 2:  
Dear Philipp,

Prognosis for gonadoblastoma is very good. In the case of no further lesions a wait and see policy is acceptable. Chemotherapy (BEP) should be given in recurrent situation only.

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Response # 3:  
No personal experience in this double tumor situation.

Andres Poveda

Response # 4:  
I would probably take a conservative /surveillance approach.

I might do a PET CT now, Nicoletta Colombo advises this and if negative and markers all normal just watch.

Dr. Nicholas Reed

Response # 5:  
No further treatment, just observation.

Best regards,

Gunnar Kristensen