Munich 2018

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Meeting Information-2018M

The 2018 GCIG Autumn meeting will be held October 17-18, 2018 in Munich, Germany at Klinikum der Universitat Munchen. Location: Campus Innenstadt, Maistr. 11, 80337 Munchen.


GCIG - October 17-18, 2018

GCIG Education Symposium - by invitation - October 17, 2018

GCIG Imaging-Pathology Brainstorming - limited registration - October 17, 2018

Imaging-Pathology Brainstorming-2018M
Educational Symposium-2018M

Educational Symposium - Munich 2018

Ovarian Cancer Committee-2018M
Endometrial Cancer Committee-2018M
Cervix Cancer Committee-2018M
Rare Tumours Committee-2018M
Phase II Committee-2018M
Symptom Benefit Committee-2018M
General Assembly-2018M
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