Executive Team

Executive Officers

  • Alison Brand
    November 2022
  • Michael Bookman
    Chair Elect
    November 2022
  • Amit Oza
    Past Chair, Membership Committee Chair
    November 2022
  • Jennifer O'Donnell
    Director of Operations
    March 2023
  • Katherine Bennet
    Operations Manager
    January 2018

Executive Committee Members 

(alphabetical by last name)
MemberRoleAppointed by the Board
Elise KohnOperations and Governance Chair2024
Asima Mukhopadhyay       Non-member Director, LMIC2024
Gavin StuartNon-member Director, Canada; Finance Committee Chair 
David TanCCRN Chair2024
Jan VermorkenMember Emeritus, First Chair of the Executive Board of Directors     2015